5 Popular Google Voice Alternatives You Should Consider

Google Voice

Google Voice is a handy service, but it doesn’t offer everything you need. Here are five alternatives that will let you make free calls anywhere in the world and more.

Freedom Pop

FreedomPop is a phone service that offers you free and affordable cellular plans, with no contracts. You can get unlimited calls to the US and Canada as well as low-cost international calling rates.

You can also add up to five lines on your account, which is great if you want to share your plan with family members or coworkers. You’ll only need to pay taxes on your FreedomPop plan if you live in certain states (see below).

Line2 Google Voice

Line2 is a VoIP service that offers unlimited calling and texting to U.S., Canada, and Mexico numbers for $10 per month. It’s also possible to use Line2 as an alternative to Google Voice because it offers more features than most other services we’ve covered so far—features like caller ID, name display, voicemail transcription, and multi-device support.

Line2 has been around since 2010 but started out as a mobile app only before expanding into web apps (webOS) and desktop apps (Mac). The company now boasts over two million users who pay $9.99 per month or $19.99 per month for a family plan with up to five lines included in their account plans (including international calls).


Burner is a popular app that allows you to create temporary phone numbers. You can use Burner for conference calls, texting, and more. After the first 60 days, Burner costs $1 per month. The app has an excellent rating on both the App Store and Google Play.

Betamax VoIP services

Betamax is a free phone app that gives you unlimited texting and calling to phone numbers in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. There are no contracts, prepaid plans or hidden fees of any kind. It’s available for iOS and Android.

The app offers free HD video calling with a built-in messenger so you can chat with friends from anywhere at any time. If you have multiple friends on Betamax, it allows group video chatting so everyone can see each other live over their phones. This can be handy for family get-togethers or work meetings where attendees are spread out across different locations around the world but still want to participate in real time.


If you’re looking to try out a new phone service, the five services below are some of the best options out there. All of them are either free or very cheap and easy to use, with plenty of features and customer support. They’ll help you save money on your long-distance calls and make it easier for family members to reach you no matter where in the world they live.

You can also use these services as an alternative to Google Voice if you want more features than what Google offers, such as voicemail transcription and call recording capabilities. If that sounds good to you, give them a shot!


If you’re looking for a good Google Voice alternative, we hope these five options will help you narrow down your choice. We also recommend that you read our guide on how to use Google Voice with other services like WhatsApp and Slack so that you can get the most out of your new alternative!

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