PIN Free Dialing lets you make calls without entering the PIN!

The Dial91 India Calling Card lets you register as many phones as you commonly make phone calls from. When making a call from one of your registered phone numbers, our system recognizes your number and you will not have to enter your PIN number. Calling India or anywhere worldwide is really easy!

You can Add/Edit/Delete the registered phone numbers on your account as many times as you want at no extra cost. The PIN Free dialing feature will be activated instantly.No waiting to phone India or your next destination.


REMEMBER THIS: At all times you are going to dial country code then phone number. There are other countries beside the US that have the country code “1”. For example: Canada, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda and other Caribbean nations. Dialing to those countries is an international call and the rate per minute may be much higher, even though dialing a “1”, area code and a 7 digit number.

DIALING FROM A HOTEL: If you are dialing from a hotel, DON’T DO IT! Hotels charge very high rates for the privilege of direct dialing from your room. We just saved you a lot of money.

DIALING FROM A BUSINESS OR SCHOOL: If you are dialing from a company or school you may be required to dial a “9” or and “8”. That first digit is required by the phone system of that company or school. It is used to identify which telephone made the call. The “8” or “9” is called an “Access Code”. After dialing the Access Code, then dial country code. Usually after dialing the Access Code you will hear another Dial Tone. Just go ahead and dial country code then phone number.

Easy Instructions

Store our local access number in your phone’s Contacts as “Dial91”.

Log into your account at with you User Name and Password.

Register your phone number as PIN Free Dialing by clicking on the icon “Setup PIN Free Dialing setup”. Your PIN will already be showing. Register as many phones as you want! Each time you register a number it will show up in the table. Now you are ready to dial India or any number.

EXAMPLE: Now from your phone dial your Contact “Dial91”, that you already entered, listen to the prompt to enter the Destination Number followed by #. Remember when calling to India you need to dial Country Code “91” then Indian phone number. For further instructions on How To Call India, follow that link.