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Go to App Store, Search for Dial91 and Install

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Go to Phone/Dial Pad and tap on top right corner, then tap on green arrow, select Dial91-CALL.

Open the app, Now fill your Dial91 Username and Password and tap on Login button to login. To send SMS, Go to Messages tab in the App(4th icon on the bottom), Tap on compose(Top right corner icon), Type desired number starting with country code then mobile phone number. For example to send SMS to India mobile number 91 9812345678. Type Text and Tap on Send

1. Make your first call, Place the call on hold first
2. Dial the number of the second person
3. When the call connects, the first call is put on hold. You are now speaking to the second person. Now merage both the call.

Double-tap the Home button on the iPhone. The list of active applications appears. Long-tap the Dial91 icon until the red icon appears. Tap the red icon to close the application.

Use the volume switch on the side of the phone to adjust the volume of the ringer. To get a ringtone to play, select a new ringtone in Settings | Preferences. You can then adjust the volume of the ringer while the ringtone is playing.

To record an active call, tap “More” and select “Start Recording.” A blinking red dot will appear next to the call timer. To end the recording, simply “End Call” or select “Stop Recording.”

Recorded calls can be listened to by going to the Call History page. Find the call, marked by a red dot, and then press the blue > arrow to go to the call details. Press “Listen to Call Recording” to listen to the call.

You can also manage the recording in iTunes�. When your device is connected, select your device, click the Apps tab at the top of the screen, scroll down to file sharing, then click the Dial91 icon in the Apps panel. The recordings appear in the Dial91 Documents panel.

Make sure your account is registered.
1. Go to More > Accounts.
2. Tap the checkmark to register.

Error �404 Not Found� indicates that the server has definite information that the user does not exist. This typically occurs when a number is entered in an incorrect format, such as a leading “+” sign when one is not necessary. You may need to use a dialing rule to convert the number to the correct format that system requires. please double-check that the information is entered correctly and does not contain any special characters.

Under Accounts –> Your Account –> Account Advanced, please try to change the Global IP to Off and see if it resolves the issue.
If the above suggestion doesn’t work for you, please try changing the Network Traversal Strategy under the Advanced Settings
–> Try to use Mixed Configuration
Try to use Server Managed
Try Application Managed
Try to set to Custom Configuration and set ICE to ON and STUN to OFF. You don’t need to make any changes for the DNS SRV setting.
Please make sure you apply the settings and run a test after every change.
If these steps didn’t resolve your issue, please change Global IP to ON and repeat the steps.

Try moving closer to your Wi-Fi access point. Or try turning off Wi-Fi and making mobile data calls until you move into a better Wi-Fi network.

Go to Settings > Advanced Settings. Scroll down to Application Logging. Verbose Logging should be turned ON. Reproduce any problems you may be encountering and then press Send Log. You will be prompted with a confirmation dialog – tap Yes. Once the logfile has been uploaded, you will see a Sending Log Success notification that has a Reference #. Send an email to ‘support at dial91 dot com’ with the details of your issue, the Ref. # and the PIN you are using. If sending the logfile fails, check your wifi and/or cellular data connectivity.

Go to Settings > Preferences > Logout (Scroll down, it’s last option).

Go to Settings in your iPhone > Privacy > Contacts > Turn ON next to “Dial91”.

These are the changes you need to make in your router to allow voice calls using Dial91 VoIP app:
1. NAT security from secured to open.
2. Disabled SIP firewall.

SIP protocol is used to make voice call using your internet connection. By disabling SIP firewall is not a security problem for your computer or home network.