Learn How to Dial India or anywhere in the world. is your Virtual Phone Card for Calling India!

Dial the local or toll-free access number to access our system. This number can be found on our web site while you log on to view your account in the “User’s Options” area. There you can view Local and Toll Free access numbers, setup PIN-FREE dialing, view Dialing Instructions, Recharge your PIN, setup Auto-Recharge, buy a new PIN and update your Account Information.

Dial our local or 800 Toll Free access numbers to connect to our service.

Enter your PIN code, and then our system will automatically prompt you to dial the destination number. (if you are calling from a PIN-FREE number you can skip this step). To learn more about the PIN-FREE, please click here.

Enter the Dial91 user name and password to login.

Follow the voice prompt, and dial the number you want to call.

a. For calls to North America and Caribbean, dial 1+ area code + phone number. b. For call to all other countries, dial country code + phone number. c. For India calling we have further tips on another page to help you.


If you have registered for PIN-FREE Dialing, you do not need to enter the PIN.

To speed up the dialing process, dial # after entering your destination number.

To make another call, dial ** and follow the prompt. You don't have to hang up the phone and reconnect to our systems. This makes your next India call so much easier.

To redial, dial *# , pause 2 seconds and dial *

If the Speed Dial feature is available on your phone, you can access our service with the touch of two buttons. This makes India talking so much easier.s